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Learning project  Knife sharpening lessons

Our district is well-known throughout Japan as a cutlery production area. Our shop also sells hundreds of kinds of knives, but because our clients have told us that they do not know how to sharpen knives, we offer knife sharpening lessons, using whetstones. Learn to sharpen knives with your own hands.
    • The lesson is free! (Please make your reservation three days or more in advance)
      We will provide the necessary knives and whetstones.
    • The lesson takes approximately 20-30 minutes. We recommend planning on about one hour for your lesson and shopping.
    • About 20 people can take a lesson at once.
Knife sharpening lessons
Please do not bring your own knife. We provide the knives for your convenience and safety.
For more information, please inquire below:
For reservations: Product and Sightseeing Department, Sales and Promotion Division