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Knives, scissors, sickles, carpentry tools, cutlery, pots and pans!


Month held Event name Venue
January Candle Festival Sanjo city
January All Japan Zoni Match in the castle town of Shibata Shibata City
February Setsubun Dance at Honjo-ji Temple Sanjo city
February Tokamachi Snow Festival Tokamachi city
March Echigo Hepatica Viewing Nagaoka City
March Machiya doll visit in the castle town of Murakami Murakami City
April Snow Camellia Festival Kamo City
April Bunsui Oiran Journey tsubame city
April Mountain opening of Kugami-yama Mountain tsubame city
April Mountain opening of Gomado-yama Mountain Tagami town
April Ume plum Festival Tagami town
April Hot shower Festival Yahiko village
April Grand Kagura Performance at Yahiko Shrine Yahiko village
April Bonsai Exhibition Yahiko village
May Fox's Wedding Parade Aga town
May Bullfighting Ojiya City
May Spring festival at Aomi Shrine Kamo City
May Sanjo Festival Sanjo city
May Rosy Lily Festival in Takajo Sanjo city
May Yoshida Tenmangu Shrine Festival tsubame city
May Grand Festival at Hirayamahime Shrine Nagaoka City
May Bullfighting Nagaoka City
May Teradomari Sightseeing Festival and Yosakoi Festival Nagaoka City
May Japan Chicken Exhibition Yahiko village
June Bullfighting Ojiya City
June Spring festival at Nagase Shrine Kamo City
June Sanjo Kite Match Sanjo city
June Iris Festival / Firefly Viewing Sanjo city
June Iris Festival Shibata City
June Bullfighting Nagaoka City
June Hiyotsuma Firefly Festival at Iwamura Hot Spring Niigata City
June Hydrangea Festival Tagami town
June Cogon Grass Ring Festival Yahiko village
June Yahiko Firefly Festival Yahiko village
July Bullfighting Ojiya City
July Opening of swimming season Niigata prefecture
July Iris Festival / Firefly Viewing Sanjo city
July Flower lantern pushing at Isurugi Shrine of Yoshinoya Sanjo city
July Sakae Hometown Summer Festival Sanjo city
July Hien Summer Festival tsubame city
July Bunsui Festival tsubame city
July Yoshida Festival tsubame city
July Bullfighting Nagaoka City
July Sand Art Contest Nagaoka City
July Hiyotsuma Firefly Festival at Iwamura Hot Spring Niigata City
July Iwamuro Hot Spring Festival Niigata City
July Great Murakami Festival Murakami City
July Hydrangea Festival Tagami town
July Kashiwazaki Festival: Great Fireworks Display on the Sea Kashiwazaki City
July Lantern Festival Yahiko village
August Bullfighting Ojiya City
August Summer festival of Echigo Kamogawa River Kamo City
August Sanjo Summer Festival Sanjo city
August Shitada Hometown Festival:Festival of the large snake in Maoi Pond Sanjo city
August Bullfighting Nagaoka City
August Teradomari Port Festival Nagaoka City
August Wanou Full Moon Festival Niigata City
August Niigata Festival Niigata City
August Star Festival Murakami City
August Fireworks at Nagaoka Festival Nagaoka City
September Bullfighting Ojiya City
September Autumn festival at Aomi Shrine Kamo City
September Autumn festival at Nagase Shrine Kamo City
September Bullfighting Nagaoka City
September Firework display at Katagai Festival Ojiya City
September Hill climbing at Yahiko-yama Mountain Yahiko village
October Bullfighting Ojiya City
October Charcoal burning lesson Kamo City
October Tsubame Open-Air Spot Sale Fair tsubame city
October Shuten Doji demon parade at Echigo Kugammi-yama Mountain tsubame city
October Bullfighting Nagaoka City
October Agriculture and Fishery Festival Nagaoka City
October Seaside Marathon Nagaoka City
October Great Iwafune Festival Murakami City
November Bullfighting Ojiya City
November Kamo Chrysanthemum Exhibition Kamo City
November Mountain closure of Awagatake Kamo City
November Torikoshi service and potted plant market Sanjo city
November Bullfighting Nagaoka City
November Industry Festival Tagami town
November Yahiko Chrysanthemum Festival Yahiko village
December Shrine visit over the New Year and first shrine visit of the year Yahiko village

Please note the festival schedule may change accordingly.