Niigata Echigo TSUBAMESANJO Industrial Products Store TSUBAMESANJO Regional Industries Promotion Center.
Knives, scissors, sickles, carpentry tools, cutlery, pots and pans!

Shop and products

Enjoy shopping and plod around the vast exhibition and sales floor space of 800㎡.


  • Parking

    Car parking We have parking for 350 cars. Parking is free; take your time to look into our shop.

    Tour buses Buses can park right beside our front entrance. We have an assigned parking lot dedicated for tour buses, but normally the bus can park here. Clients can easily find our shop. The roof makes visiting our shop easy in any weather conditions.

  • Slope

    We welcome everyone at our facility. Elderly people and people with limited mobility have easy access to our shop.

  • Restrooms

    Our modern restrooms provide clean and comfortable environment including facilities for the physically challenged.

  • Relaxation

    You have sofas to relax as you enjoy viewing the garden.

Snapshots inside the shop
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  • Kitchen knives

    Kitchen knives
    Lineups of more than 500 kinds of knives refined by Echigo smiths from home use to professional use.

  • Western metal tableware

    We offer an impressive assortment from designer brands to bargain items that can only be prepared by a production area. We also have universal design items.

  • Gardening scissors and pruning shears

    Gardening scissors and pruning shears
    We have a wide genre of products such as pruning shears, Ohkubo scissors, Ikenobo, bud-cutting shears and pruning scissors.

  • Saws

    Pruning saws, double-edged saws… A large variety of sizes and materials too.

  • Pots and pans

    Pots and pans
    Numerous pots and pans that can be used on gas stoves and induction cooking stoves. Visitors will admire our products. We have large sizes for business use and a plentiful lineup of materials such as iron, stainless steel and titanium.

  • Kitchen goods

    kitchen tools
    Utensils for vegetables, ladles, cdanders, bowls… There are so many that you will have a hard time deciding what to select. We also have items that you can only find in a production area.

  • Hand-hammered copperware

    Hand-hammered copperware
    You can see copperware created by craftspeople noted throughout Japan. Buy one for you or gift.

  • Local sake and famous Echigo confectionaries

    Local sake and famous Echigo confectionaries
    You can enjoy local Fukugao Shuzo sake from Sanjo’s sole sake brewery, which is made with the utmost care. You can also enjoy famous confections and pickles only available in Niigata.

In addition to above, titanium products and superb items such as hatchets, axes, chisels, planes and tools are available, made by TSUBAMESANJO’s proud craftspeople and manufacturers. These products will surely fulfill your journey in Echigo.


We have been specializing in metalware for over 20 years; local residents love our shop and our products. Come and take advantage of our fine products like the locals do.

  • Western tableware

    We take pride in having the highest production share of cutlery in Japan.
    Just as cutlery reminds you of Tsubame City, and Tsubame City reminds you of cutlery ,
    Starting with stainless steel, we also use titanium, gold and silver plating with mild color tones. As for designs, we offer a wide lineup of designs from simple ones to a professional designer's.
    We also have large number of universal design products.

  • Kitchen knives

    Kitchen knives
    Smithing has focused on the Sanjo region for hundreds of years. The start of smithing originates in Japanese nail production that occurred in 1625. Today,
    Sanjo are known as one of Japan’s foremost knives production areas, compared with Miki City in Hyogo Prefecture.
    Please take our kitchen knives in your hand and you can feel the quality yourself. The variety ranges from Sanjo’s traditional knive that Echigo Sanjo blacksmiths work on to stainless steel.
    Our endless collection includes all-purpose, vegetable-cutting, beef-cutting, broad-bladed, fish-cutting, sashimi-slicing and mackerel-cutting knives. We also have a large number of items for professional use.


TSUBAMESANJO items covers almost all with cutlery and knives, but go beyond them as befitting our reputation as Metal Town. We even have copperware, scissors, colanders, pots and pans, kitchen tools, carpentry tools, hatchets, plows, saws and more as we have presented… Many people visit our shop, hoping that almost everything made of metal can be found here. Please look at our products yourself and you will find that we meet your expectation. You will enjoy the lineup of the best TSUBAMESANJO products here.
We are also responsive to introduce new products. We displayed the topical Polisher Syndicate Beer Tumbler items almost at the same time as they were announced. We are waiting for you to visit us with still more items including hexagon kites, local sake, Koshihikari rice and famous Echigo confections.