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Echigo blacksmith gives name engraving demonstrations on knives about 3 times a week

At the Regional Product Center, we regularly offer name engraving demonstrations on knives inside the store to tel smithing and the traditional technology of our district to as many people as possible.
We will engrave your name on the knife you bought in the store on the demonstration day. If you would like your knife engraved, please let us know. We would be happy to be of service.
We also answer questions about maintenance including how to sharpen and select knives. Please feel free to ask us.
Please note that names cannot be engraved on all knives due to some materials.

Blacksmith Tsuneo Yoshida
After graduating from high school, he entered Yoshikane Cutlery Corporation, his family business, studied under Kyochi Yoshida, his father and the second generation in the family business, and developed his smithing skills.
Later Tsuneo Yoshida became the third generation to continue the family business and has been producing striking edge tools for 48 years and training apprentices.
Joined the Echigo Sanjo Smithing Group and successively held important positions including vice president. Dedicated to the popularization of smithing skills.
Handed over Yoshikane Cutlery Corporation to the fourth generation in December 2012 and left the company.
Name engraving demonstration schedule (Days marked in yellow on the chart)
Basic demonstration days are Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays (11:00-15:00), but this may change according to our schedule.

For details, please inquire below:
Product and Sightseeing Dept. in Sales and Promotion Div.
Phone:+81-(0)256-32-2311 / Fax:+81-(0)256-34-6167